Story Notes: Newly revised and illustrated, "Time Travelers of Oz" is available with its two sequels in the upcoming hardcover and trade paperback book The Law of Oz and Other Stories.


This trilogy is one of the few stories to boldly explore Lurline's enchantment of Oz (the other two being The Witch Queen of Oz and Paradox in Oz).  It is certain from this and other accounts that Lurline cast more than one spell over Oz and returned again to fix some of the problems that came to be associated with this enchantment (particularly the no-aging spell) which may have been a reaction to her sister Enilrul's evildoing (as seen in Witch Queen).


Time Travelers shows how the Yoops became giants unlike their other Yookoohoo counterparts and the origins of the Herku village. 


The Lost Boy of Oz tackles the mysterious origins of Button-Bright's past, and presents a surprising yet satisfactory answer to the young man's unconscious reasons for always finding himself lost.  Not exactly a popular or pleasant truth, Button Bright would likely need an adjustment period to come to terms with it himself.  Of course, from this point forward, getting "lost" may be a part of his make-up.  Or it might contain other dimensions and motives.