The Great Jinjin Epilogue


Sequel to Chapter 21 of The Seven Blue Mountains of Oz: Book 3: Zim Greenleaf of Oz

A Short-Short Story by Melody Grandy

Zim the Flying Sorcerer and his assistant, Tip, were planting a tea garden in a barren spot outside the Emerald City near the border of Munchkinland.  The rocks and boulders that stood there when they arrived with the morning sun made a wonderful natural accent and backdrop to the lush flowers, trees and bushes they were planting.

Tip was handing the tall, greenhaired Sorcerer-Botanist green snapdragons to tuck in the ground when suddenly—”AAAA—!”  A short cut-off scream shrilled behind them. Zim and Tip turned, but saw no one.

Zim stood still for a moment as if listening intently to something.  Then he turned to Tip with a slight, sad smile. “That scream came from Celestia.”

Fear zapped the boy's heart. Celestia had every reason to HATE them!  After all, it was thanks to Zim that she had lost her bid for the queenship of Oz, and with it her queenship over the Rimmers plus any fairyhood she may have had.  “What happened?” Tip asked.

“She somehow entered Oz, and was sneaking up on us with some sort of evil magic or another intending to get revenge on us both,” Zim replied, dusting the soil from his long-fingered hands.  “But Tititi-Hoochoo just intervened and quickly transported her to his country to face his judgement.”

“Hoo, boy!” Tip laughed nervously. “I'd hate to be in HER shoes!”

“Whatever penalty Tititi-Hoochoo has in mind for her, I am sure it will be quite fitting,” Zim returned.  Then he cocked his head as if listening to someone again. “Tititi-Hoochoo tells us to have a nice day, and keep beautifying Oz for Ozma.  And aren't we glad we have his help, now?”

Tip nodded vigorously, and handed Zim another green snapdragon.

And they all lived happily ever after.

The End


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