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New Oz Tales


The Royal Publisher of Oz is happy to present new and/or rare Oz stories for your enjoyment 


Except for noted parodies, the following are in harmony with the Sovereign Sixty

and the stories found on the Mainline Timeline of The Royal Timeline of Oz


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Alliance of the Elementals: An Oz Tale

by Nathan M. DeHoff


Dissatisfied at having been deposed by Tititi-Hoochoo, and angry that the Kaliko is establishing an official truce with Oz, Ruggedo summons a Fire Elemental. When he agrees to form a pact with Ruggedo to share half his kingdom if he will help him win back his throne, Ozma and the Wizard find themselves trapped in the Nome Kingdom by their powers!


The Banishment of Faleero: An Oz Tale

by Nathan M. DeHoff


Curiosity gets the better of the young Filera, and as she grows older, she continues to act in ways that are irresponsible.  But will the fairy be able to resist when she stumbles upon the home of a witch and discovers the lure of black magic?


Betsy Bobbin in Yartralia

by Nathan M. DeHoff


Carter Green, the Vegetable Man of Oz, and Betsy Bobbin embark upon an unusual quest to free a race from slavery in Yartralia. But when Betsy discovers that the enslaved in question are goblins, she is faced with a moral dilemma that will pit her against the King of Yartralia, who wants to marry her to his son!


The Broker's Mistake

by Aaron Solomon Adelman


Poem that shows what might be the back-story of a certain animal-character in Oz.  Featuring the Snark.


The Evil Author of Oz

by Aaron Solomon Adelman


The wickedly funny parody shows what happens when author and Oz fan Aaron Solomon Adelman attempts to rewrite Oz history in his image!  And scroll down for a "lost" fit from The Hunting of the Snark


Fat Babies, or The Temptation of the Hungry Tiger

by T. Copeland


When Ozma came to the throne, everyone stopped aging... including infants!  When one of them meets up with the Hungry Tiger, trouble ensues, and it will take a talking baby and a tiger with a conscience to set things rights.



by M. Night Wolfalona


The Scarecrow wonders about Valentine's Day and love's correlation to fire, as everyone else celebrates having a heart.


From Oz to the Moon

by Nathan M. DeHoff


Sequel to The Enchanted Island of Oz sees David reunite with the camel Humpty and King Rupert, as the king decides to visit the moon by means of his magic vest!  Together with Yutu, the Rabbit of the Moon, they meet the Man in the Moon, whose wife has gone missing. 


The Goat Girls of Oz

by Nathan M. DeHoff

Including the original versions of Handy Mandy and the Jewels of Munchkenny and Prince Trelnor of Tralmia and the Olympians

When her friend Nox is magically spirited away by the spell of the witch Wunchie, Handy Mandy goes in search of the fabled Jewels of Munchkenny, which can restore him.  Unbeknownst to her, Prince Trelnor of Tralmia has been sent to search for those same jewels in order to win the hand of the Princes Niltia.  Their adventures will take them to strange peoples and places, including Star-Top Mountain to see the Wizard of Way-Up!


Gone with the Hurry-Cane: A Tale of Love, Magic, and Monsters During the Evian Civil War

by Nathan M. DeHoff


(Description to come)

The Great Jinjin Epilogue

by Melody Grandy


Melody Grandy's short "The Great Jinjin Epilogue" is the conclusion to the story "The Great Jinjin" published in Oziana 2001 (and The Seven Blue Mountains of Oz: Book 3: Zim Greenleaf of Oz). Originally available on the Nonestica Yahoo online forum, it's now featured here.


Halloween Island

by Nathan M. DeHoff

Captain Salt, his crew, and guests Trot, the Wizard of Oz, Jack Pumpkinhead, and the Scarecrow find themselves on Halloween Island, where they discover a host of creatures from stories outside of Oz, including a minotaur, a witch, and Frankenstein's monster!

The Hearts and Flowers of Oz

by Joe Bongiorno


A sequel to the Oziana 1985 story "Magic in the Kitchen," as well as a response to Ozma's actions in the Ruth Plumly Thompson book Ojo in Oz, "The Hearts and Flowers of Oz" helps reconcile the Ozma of Baum with the Ozma of Thompson. It also brings Thompson's Royal Baking Company booklets and "A Visit to Jelly Bean Island" into continuity.


How The Adventurers Returned Home

by Jared Davis


Ever wonder how the characters from the Queer Visitors from the Marvelous Land of Oz strips got back home? Wonder no more.  In Jared Davis' "How The Adventurers Returned Home," the conclusion to the Baum newspaper strips is finally told!


Jenny Jump's Adventures in Time and Space

by Nathan M. DeHoff


When Jenny Jump is sent into the past by a wicked fairy, she inadvertently slips and tells King Pastoria how to kill the Wicked Witches, changing history so that she ends up Queen of Oz! This updated and expanded version includes the history of Jenny Jump's fascinating and unusual past, as well as her connection to the Jenny Jump Mountains!


Kabumpo and the Rain King

by Nathan M. DeHoff


The Rain King has lost his Rain Stick, leaving it up to his niece Polychrome, Kabumpo the Elegant Elephant, Woot the Wanderer, and the Thunderbird Wakhiya to travel to the Desert of Ho-Taro  to find it.  Along the way, they meet Imhotep the Jackal, a lazy lizard and two-headed guardian from The Hidden Valley of Oz.


A King of Needles and Threads

by Nathan M. DeHoff


Now that he's been rescued and settled into his shop in the Emerald City, the former King of Oz, Pastoria II, ruminates on his new life with Pajuka, Humpy and Snips, as a tailor in the capital.


King Rinkitink and the Trials of Prince Bobo

By Joe Bongiorno


A direct sequel to King Rinkitink, this story explores what befell the goat Bilbil, Duke Bilbon, and Prince Bobo following the events of the latter story. The adventures of King Rinkitink continue when the pirate fleet of Regos and Coregos return to avenge themselves upon Inga and his friends on Pingaree!


Muppets in Oz

by Richard Paul Smyers


No relation to the TV-movie with Ashanti! When Kermit and his nephew Robin arrive in Oz, nothing will ever be the same again!  See if you can figure out who the special guest star is that Ozma whipped up for the show.


The Mysterious Pool of Oz

by Greenbirds

In which are related the Experiences of Princess Dorothy of Oz, and her Companions Trot and Betsy Bobbin, in their visit to the Pool of Neverwas with Humperdinck the Nome, and the reaching of a momentous Decision for the Fairyland of Oz.


Peer Counseling

by Marcus Mebes

A secret society in the Land of Oz? Woot, Jellia Jamb, Jenny Jump, Number Nine and a few others have gathered for an unknown purpose. An infiltrator in the group is going to find out what's going on, and along the way she's going to discover some secrets she could have never imagined!


The Princess of Ev


by Joanna Payne


Young Princess Langwidere is in for a shock when she receives her first head at the age of seven, with many more to come over the years. Takes place in the years leading up to Ozma of Oz.



by Jeff Rester


A tale of remorse and madness, Jeff Rester's "Prelude" is a chilling lead-in to a much longer forthcoming work, Death Comes to Oz, that reveals the heretofore untold story of a certain character from Baum's books who chose not to stay in Oz!


The Prosecutor of Oz

by Don Reynolds


Professor Wogglebug is tasked by Ozma to prosecute Eureka the kitten for the crime of murder. He must perform his duty to the utmost but if he succeeds, Eureka must die!


Raindrops and Poppies

by GlassRain


On Polychrome's first visit to Oz, she and Ozma have a moment of bonding as the young Princess is still trying to learn what it means to be a fairy.


Reddy and Willing: The Adventures of Jair in Oz

by Nathan M. DeHoff


Like Brownies, the Reddies were a race of diminutive peoples first told about in Jack Pumpkinhead in Oz.  How they later became human-sized is told for the first time here, as well as the story of the fourth sister of Blinkie and the Jinxland witches!


Return to Boboland

by Nathan M. DeHoff


Prince Bobo and King Rinkitink leave Rinkintink and take a trip to Boboland, where the Prince has not been seen in years.  There they encounter resistance from a wicked giant, who has taken over the roadway. They're aided by a Dwarf who has come to accompany the prince to his father.

Revolt of the Scalawagons

by Nathan M. DeHoff


When the sapient cars called Scalawagons start acting strangely, the Wizard goes to investigate, only to discover the Emerald City surrounded, and a sinister mind behind the Scalawagons' revolt.


Rix and His Friends in Oz

An Original Script by Ann Seeger

When a lonely boy finds a djinn named Jinsy in bottle, he releases him and wishes to go to the most pleasant place in the world, and ends up in Oz.  There he meets Dorothy and the Sawhorse, and discovers that he's not the only one whose lonely and misunderstood.


The Road Built in Hope

by Jougetsu


Dorothy stays with friends in San Francisco before the events of Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz.


Ruggedo and the School of Magic

by Nathan M. Dehoff


How did the Nome King Ruggedo regain his magical powers? And how did the Magic Belt regain its power over wood?  These questions and more are answered in this story that takes place after The Emerald City of Oz.


The Search for Soob

by Nathan M. DeHoff


How did the Silence Stone (from The Gnome King of Oz) come to be, and why isn't working?  These are the questions the Wizard and Number Nine ask themselves as they trace the mysterious object to its source, the Sorcerer Soob.  The Wogglebug, Sawhorse, Himself the Elf, Scraps and Jack Pumpkinhead go off to find this missing sorcerer in a strange land east of the Shifting Sands.


To Do One's Duty

By Bookgirlfan

Now that Ozma was a princess, and in charge of a kingdom, and there was so much resting on her shoulders, that sometimes she felt buried under it. Title comes from a quote by Ozma herself: " is always wise to do one's duty, however unpleasant that duty may seem to be."


The Triumph of the Wicked Witch of the West

by Nathan M. DeHoff


Not all is good and green in the aftermath of Lurline's enchantment of Oz, as the royal couple soon find out when the Wicked Witch of the West begins blazing a path through the Winkie Country consolidating power.


Twin Properties

By Aurilly

When Polychrome gets lost in the U.S., she seeks out the help of her only mortal friend, Button-Bright.  A prequel to The Scarecrow of Oz.


The Wizard of Aurissau

by Nathan M. DeHoff


When the Wizard departs Oz by balloon on that fateful day Dorothy was left behind, he didn't quite make it back to Omaha.  This new story shows what happened when he came crashing down in Aurissa in Nonestica.


More Oz Stories to Come!


Note: Two of the novellas originally available here have since been published in book form. You can find Time Travelers in Oz by Paul Dana, the sequel The Lost Boy of Oz, a formerly unpublished sequel, and a new short story together in the book The Law of Oz and Other Stories (available for purchase here!)





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