Day to Day Chronology of the Famous Forty

By Ken Shepherd



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***Note: the following contain spoilers for the forty official Oz books. 

These entries should NOT be examined until you have read the actual books upon which they are based.



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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

The Scarecrow of Oz

The Cowardly Lion of Oz

Pirates in Oz

Ozoplaning with the Wizard of Oz

The Marvelous Land Of Oz

Rinkitink in Oz

Grampa in Oz

The Purple Prince of Oz

The Wonder City of Oz

Ozma of Oz

The Lost Princess of Oz

The Lost King of Oz

Ojo in Oz

The Scalawagons of Oz

Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz

The Tin Woodman of Oz

Hungry Tiger of Oz

Speedy in Oz

Lucky Bucky in Oz

The Road to Oz

The Magic of Oz

The Gnome King of Oz

The Wishing Horse of Oz

The Magical Mimics in Oz

The Emerald City of Oz

Glinda of Oz

The Giant Horse of Oz

Captain Salt in Oz

The Shaggy Man of Oz

The Patchwork Girl of Oz

The Royal Book of Oz

Jack Pumpkinhead of Oz

Handy Mandy in Oz

The Hidden Valley of Oz

Tik-Tok of Oz

Kabumpo of Oz

Yellow Knight of Oz

The Silver Princess in Oz

Merry Go Round in Oz





The Wonderful Wizard of Oz


Day 1 — Cyclone — Dorothy & Toto carried off. (an unknown amount of time—Baum says "hour after hour"—passes while Dorothy is carried in the cyclone.  I assume about 12 hours.)


Day 2 — Dorothy arrives in the land of the Munchkins — her houses crushes the Wicked Witch of the East — she meets Good Witch of the North — spends night in Boq's house


Day 3 — Dorothy encounters the Scarecrow — the three enter the great forest — night in Tin Woodman's cottage


Day 4 — The party rescues the Tin Woodman — they encounter the Cowardly Lion — night in forest "under a large tree"


Day 5 — The party crosses the great ditch — they meet the Kalidahs — they come to the river — Tin Woodman makes a raft — night on river bank


Day 6 — The party crosses the river — the Scarecrow is marooned — they enter the field of poppies in afternoon (the Tin Woodman wants to reach the Yellow Brick Road before dark) & are rescued by the field mice — night in farmhouse in Emerald City area (everything is green)


Day 7 — The party comes to the Emerald City in afternoon — night in Palace

Day 8 — Dorothy meets the Great Oz


Day 9 — The Scarecrow meets the Great Oz


Day 10 — The Tin Woodman meets the Great Oz


Day 11 — The Cowardly Lion meets the Great Oz


Day 12 — The party leaves the Emerald City to find the Wicked Witch of the West — attack by wolves in afternoon — night in open field


Day 13 — The party is attacked by crows, bees, & Winkies — Winged Monkeys attack Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, carry Dorothy, Toto & Lion to Witch's castle


Days 14—21 At this point the captivity of Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion begins.  Some days & nights pass — enough so that Dorothy and the Lion can begin plotting their escape. I assume a minimum of a week


Day 22 — Dorothy melts the Wicked Witch — she frees the Lion and the Winkies — they start off in search of the Tin Woodman


Day 23 — They find the Tin Woodman


Days 24—26 — The Winkies work "for three days and four nights" to restore the Tin Woodman — the party starts off in search of the Scarecrow


Day 27 — They find the Scarecrow after walking "all that day and part of the next"


Day 28 — The Scarecrow is restored


Days 28—30 — The reunited party spends "a few happy days" at the Witch's castle


Day 31 — The party leaves for the Emerald City — night in field


Days 32—35 — The party is lost — "day by day passed away"


Day 36 — The Queen of the Field Mice suggests using the Golden Cap — the party is carried to the gates of the Emerald City by the Winged Monkeys


Days 37—39 — They wait for the Wizard to receive them


Day 40 — Oz receives the party at 9:04 AM — he is exposed as a humbug


Day 41 — The Scarecrow receives his brains, the Tin Woodman his heart, and the Cowardly Lion his courage


Days 42—44 — "For three days Dorothy heard nothing from Oz."


Day 45 — "On the fourth day" Oz announces his plans to leave with Dorothy in a balloon


Days 46—48 — "It took three days" to sew the balloon together


Day 49 — Oz departs


Day 50 — Council of the party ("on the morning after the balloon had gone up") — they decide to visit Glinda


Day 51 — The party leaves for Glinda's palace — night in field


Day 52 — They enter the forest of fighting trees — they enter the China Country — the Cowardly Lion defeats the monster spider — they cross the hill of the Hammerheads — Glinda sends Dorothy home


In his Oz books Baum is not always clear about the passage of time, and WIZARD is not as tightly plotted as other books in the series. This chronology should not be taken as conclusive. I have had to base it in part on my own perceptions of what goes on in the story. It is clear, though, that more days pass in WIZARD than in any other Oz book I know.


Notes: Denslow's Scarecrow and Tin—Man newspaper strip gives a start-and-end-date for this story.  In the first strip, "Dorothy's Christmas Tree," Christmas passes while Dorothy is still in the Emerald City, and the Scarecrow, Tin Woodman and Lion depart for the day to find Dorothy a Christmas Tree, which they do, allowing Dorothy to celebrate the holiday with friends.  This event most likely occurs on Day 42, 43 or 44, while Dorothy is waiting to hear how the Wizard will send her back to Kansas.  If December 24th (the date of the strip) occurs on Day 43, for example, that places the start of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz on November 12th, and the end (when Dorothy returns to Kansas) on January 2nd.



The Marvelous Land Of Oz


Day 1 — Tip begins work on Jack Pumpkinhead


Day 2 — Tip completes Jack — Mombi returns, brings Jack to life — in evening, Tip frees Jack & runs away; walks all night ("moon and stars shone brightly"; last quarter?)


Day 3 — Tip enchants Sawhorse


Day 4 — The party is separated — Jack & Sawhorse arrive in the Emerald City, where they meet the Scarecrow — Tip meets Gen. Jinjur, enters EC with Army of Revolt — Scarecrow, Tip, Jack & Sawhorse escape from palace, head to Tin Woodman's Castle — night along road


Day 5 — Tip's party arrives at the Tin Woodman's Castle


Day 6 — The Tin Woodman joins Tip's party — they leave for the EC —Mombi interferes with their progress — they meet the Wogglebug — they reach the EC and expell Jinjur from the palace — they build the Gump and escape, flying all night ("a cloudy sky, through which the rays of the moon could not penetrate")


Day 7 — The Gump smashes at the Jackdaws' nest — they fight the Jackdaws & the Gump is repaired — night in nest


Day 8 — The party leaves in the morning — the Scarecrow appeals to Glinda — Glinda tells the stories of Ozma and the Wizard — night in palace


Day 9 — Glinda summons council and decides to march against the EC


Day 10 — Glinda's army marches against the EC — arrives after nightfall ("by the dim light of the new moon")


Day 11 — Glinda's army besieges the EC — Glinda demands the surrender of Mombi — Jinjur invites her to search the city — Tin Woodman picks a rose


Day 12 — Glinda discovers Mombi and defeats her in a sorcerer's battle —disenchantment of Ozma


Day 13 — Glinda's army takes the EC — capture of Jinjur


Notes: Must take place in October, as Tip mentions having just harvested the corn, and is selecting ripe Pumpkins, for which he uses one to construct Jack Pumpkinhead.



Ozma of Oz


Day 1 — Storm at sea — Dorothy washed off boat on chicken coop


Day 2 — Storm subsides — Billina lays her 1st egg — Dorothy & Billina washed up on Evian coast — meet Tik—tok — escape Wheelers — imprisoned by Languidere


Day 3 — Ozma & party approach Evna in AM — free Dorothy, Tik—tok, Billina — discussion of plan to free the royal family of Ev


Day 4 — Party leaves Evna at daybreak — Billina lays her 2nd egg — they enter the Nome King's dominions — Ozma, Tin Woodman, 26 officers & private begin guesses, which continue until "after midnight" — Billina falls asleep under Nome King's throne


Day 5 — Early in AM Billina learns of Nome King's power — Tik—tok enchanted — Dorothy frees Evring — Billina lays her 3rd egg, disenchants remainder of party — Dorothy seizes Magic Belt — party escapes — Evardo proclaimed King of Ev


Day 6 — Dorothy's party crosses the desert — night with "Munchkin king"


Day 7 — Party meets Jinjur — welcome at Emerald City


"Several weeks" pass before Dorothy leaves Oz for Australia




Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz


Day 1 — Dorothy meets Zeb & Jim around 5 AM — earthquake — descent to Mangaboos & arrival of the Wizard — the party kills Gwig & picks the Princess


Day 2 — Fire trick before the Mangaboos


Days 3—4 — "Two or three days" pass


Day 5 — Party driven into Black Pit — pass through Valley of Voe — sleep in country of Gargoyles


Day 6 — Escape from Gargoyles during "night" — the party encounters the Dragonettes — Ozma uses the Magic Belt at 4:00 PM


Day 7 — Jim meets the Sawhorse — holiday and procession in honor of the Wizard's return


Day 8 — Festivities continue


Day 9 — On "the third morning after Dorothy's arrival" Ozma misses the piglet — trial of Eureka begins at 3:00 PM


Day 10 — Dorothy looks in the Magic Picture "the next evening after the trial" — party for Dorothy and Zeb


Day 11 — Dorothy and Zeb return to their homes in the AM




The Road to Oz


Day 1 (8/15) — Dorothy meets the Shaggy Man & Button—Bright — they arrive in Foxville — Button—Bright is enchanted — night in Foxville


Day 2 (8/16) — The party meets Polychrome — they arrive in Dunkiton — Shaggy enchanted — night in Dunkiton


Day 3 (8/17) — They meet the Musicker — they escape the Scoodlers — night on edge of Desert


Day 4 (8/18) — Shaggy summons Johnny Dooit — they cross the Desert — Truth Pond — Tin Woodman's Castle


Day 5 (8/19) — They meet Jack Pumpkinhead, Cowardly Lion & Hungry Tiger — dinner with Ozma


Day 6 (8/20) — Guests begin to arrive — banquet in evening


Day 7 (8/21) — Ozma's birthday — departure of guests — Dorothy returns to Kansas during night




The Emerald City of Oz



     The Nome King plots to conquer Oz

     Henry & Em learn that the farm is to be foreclosed in 30 days — they 

     wait several days before telling Dorothy

     Time passes


Day 1 — Dorothy leaves Kansas permanently for Oz — "About the time Dorothy went to Ozma" the Nome King makes Guph general


Day 2 — Dorothy assumes rank as Princess of Oz — Henry & Em brought to Oz — they meet the Cowardly Lion


Days 3—8 — Time passes — perhaps a week, more or less

During this period the Nome King extends his tunnel and Guph visits the Whimsies and the Growleywogs


Day 9 — Dorothy's party begins a tour of Oz — they visit the Athletic College & Cuttenclips — Guph visits First & Foremost Phanfasm


Day 10 — Party visits Fuddlecumjig — night under trees — Guph returns to Nome King to report


Day 11 — Dorothy visits Utensia, Bunbury, Bunnybury — Ozma sees Nome King's tunnel in Magic Picture


Day 12 — Rigmaroles & Flutterbudgets — they arrive at the Tin Woodman's Castle


Day 13 — Tin Woodman tells Dorothy & party of Nome menace — they visit the Scarecrow & Jack Pumpkinhead — they arrive at the Emerald City at dusk — the Scarecrow's plan — The Nome King's allies begin their march to the EC


Day 14 — The Nomes & their allies arrive at daybreak — invaders repelled — Ozma "closes" tunnel


Day 15 — Glinda seals Oz off by enchantment


Some time later, Baum receives a note from Dorothy




The Patchwork Girl of Oz

Day 1 — Ojo and Unc Nunkie eat last bit of bread


Day 2 — Ojo & Unc leave in morning to visit Dr Pipt — arrive at 2 PM — Dr Pipt finishes the Powder of Life — Ojo mixes Scraps' brains — night with Pipt & Margolotte


Day 3 — After breakfast they bring Scraps to life — Margolotte & Unc petrified — the party leaves in search of a charm — they leave the blue forest at sundown — night in Voice's cottage


Day 4 — They meet the Victrola — Foolish Owl & Wise Donkey — Woozy — they find the Yellow Brick Road — capture & release by Shaggy Man — night in deserted cottage


Day 5 — The party encounters the sliding road — Chiss — they reach the barrier at the Munchkin/EC border — dinner at farmhouse — Ojo picks the 6—leaf clover — he is arrested as they enter the EC — Ojo has supper w/Tollydiggle, spends night in jail — Shaggy has dinner w/Ozma, Wizard, Dorothy & Scarecrow — night in palace


Day 6 — The trial of Ojo — spends afternoon w/Dorothy, night in palace


Day 7 — Reconstituted party spends night at Jack Pumpkinhead's home, "a day's journey from the Emerald City"


Day 8 — "It was a two—days' journey from Jack Pumpkinhead's house to the edge of the Quadling Country" — first night in Winkie field ("slept on the broad fields, among the buttercups and daisies")


Day 9 — "Toward evening of the second day" they meet the Tottenhots — night in Tottenhot shelter


Day 10 — The party meets Mr Yoop — Toto captures the Hoppers' Champion — Ojo gets water from dark well — night with lazy Quadling


Day 11 — Morning on Trick River — arrive at Tin Woodman's castle in late PM — night at castle


Day 12 — The party leaves for the EC — Unc Nunkie & Margolotte released from enchantment




Tik—Tok of Oz


Day 1 — Queen Ann Soforth resolves to conquer Oz and begins to gather an army


Day 4 — "Three days later" the Grand Army of Oogaboo departs — Glinda enchants path


Day 6 — They meet the Rak after wandering for "three unhappy days" — Betsy & Hank washed overboard


Day 7 — Betsy & Hank enter the Rose Kingdom — meet Shaggy Man, pick Rose Princess — meet Polychrome


Day 8 — They discover Tik—Tok in well — meet the Army of Oogaboo — Ruggedo dumps party down the Great Tube — the party appears before Tititi Hoochoo — night with Kings & Queens (Betsy & Polychrome with Queen Erma)


Day 9 — Tititi Hoochoo passes sentence on Ruggedo — Betsy's party departs with Quox — the Grand Army of Oogaboo captured & escapes through tunnel in pit — Ruggedo deposed & Kaliko made king


Day 10 — Quox departs — search for the Metal Forest begins


Days 10—12 — "For three days" their search is unsuccessful


Day 13 — Polychrome meets Ruggedo —they discover the Metal Forest — Ugly One disenchanted — Poly, Ann, Army, return home — Tik—tok, Shaggy, Brother, Hank, Betsy go to Emerald City


Notes: An additional day was discovered by Douglas Ethington, who noted in Chapter 7 that after meeting Polychrome, "At nightfall they came to some trees that grew beside a tiny brook and here they made camp and rested until morning."  This brings the correct total to 13 days.



The Scarecrow of Oz


Day 1 — Trot & Cap'n Bill caught in whirlpool — overnight in cavern


Day 2 — They meet the Ork — enter the Hole and the Tunnel — walk until night


Day 3 — They start at 9 AM — reach Pessim's Island — Ork eats magic berries — night in Pessim's shed


Days 3—5 — "For three days" they live on the island


Day 6 — "On the fourth day" Ork suggests carrying Trot & Cap'n Bill to mainland — they reach Mo — night on mountain with Bumpy Man


Day 7 — Snow overnight — Trot's party meets Button—Bright — they are carried over the desert to Jinxland — Ork leaves to find Orkland — Trot, Cap'n Bill, & Button—Bright are separated — Cap'n Bill enchanted — Trot & Button—Bright spend night with Pon — Scarecrow visits Glinda and begins journey to Jinxland


Day 8 — Scarecrow crosses mountains surrounding Jinxland — Button—Bright gets lost in early AM — Blinkie enchants Gloria — Scarecrow meets Cap'n Bill, hatches plan to overthrow Krewl — Button—Bright meets Ork, who plans a rescue — Krewl, Googly—Goo defeated & Cap'n Bill & Gloria disenchanted


Day 9 — Gloria made Queen — Orks carry Cap'n Bill, Trot, Button—Bright, & Scarecrow to Oz, and leave — night in Wizard's house


Day 10 — Scarecrow caught in waterfall — night in Wizard's house


Day 11 — Scarecrow restuffed in AM — Dorothy & Betsy arrive at Glinda's c. 4 PM — night in Glinda's palace


Day 12 — Reception for Trot & Cap'n Bill in Emerald City




Rinkitink in Oz


Day 1 — Kittikut shows pearls in Inga — Rinkitink leaves Gilgad for Pingaree


Day 4 — Arrival of Rinkitink & Bilbil "a few days" after Inga first sees pearls


Time passes——"day after day and week after week" (assume a minimum of 3 weeks)


Day 25 — Fog — arrival of invaders from Regos & Coregos in early afternoon


Day 26 — The invaders leave Pingaree — Inga finds Rinkitink, Bilbil — night at lower end of island


Day 27 — They return to the palace in the AM — fix up a small room


Day 28 — They move the marble from the banquet hall — Inga retrieves the pearls


Day 29 — Inga consults the white pearl — storm in PM


Day 30 — Boat appears on shore in AM — Inga, Rinkitink & Bilbil leave Pingaree


Day 33 — Inga's party arrives at Regos — conquest of King Gos — Dorothy first reads about Inga in Glinda's Book of Records — Rinkitink throws shoe away in night


Day 34 — Nikobob finds Inga's shoes & defeats Choggenmugger


Day 35 — Queen Cor seizes Rinkitink, Inga — Zella harvests the honey


Day 37 — Zella takes the honey to Coregos — Inga conquers Coregos


Day 38 — Zella guides party in search of mines of Regos — Gos reaches mines in late PM — Inga's party spends night in boat after fruitless search


Day 39 — Inga invades mines, frees slaves — Gos & Cor take Kitticut, Garee hostage, flee to Nome Kingdom


Day 40 — Inga begins pursuit of fugitives — rows "hard and steadily for eight days"


Day 46 — Gos & Cor complete their voyage "the morning of the eighth day"


Day 47 — Gos & Cor reach the Nome Kingdom 'the second day of their journey" — Kitticut & Garee released to Kaliko — Inga reaches the beach


Day 48 — Gos & Cor leave the Nome Kingdom — pass Inga's party en route to Nome Kingdom — Dorothy sees Inga in Magic Picture — Inga, Rinkitink spend night in Nome Kingdom


Day 49 — Inga faces the Three Trick Caverns — Dorothy & Wizard arrive — Kittikut & Garee released


Day 50 — Reception in Emerald City — disenchantment of Bilbil


Inga's party "remained several weeks" in the EC before returning to Pingaree


Several more weeks pass before Pinkerbloo locates Rinkitink — he returns to Gilgad after 3 days of feasting




The Lost Princess of Oz


Day 1 — Ugu the Shoemaker climbs the Yips' Mountain at night — steals Magic Dishpan and all Oz magic that night — kidnaps Ozma


Day 2 — Ugu enchants Ozma — Cayke misses her dishpan and goes to Frogman for help — the council of Ozma's advisors is summoned


Day 3 — Frogman declares his intention to search for the Magic Dishpan — the search parties looking for Ozma disperse to the different countries — Toto follows Dorothy — Dorothy's party spends night in shepherd's cabin


Day 4 — Frogman's party descends halfway down Yip Mountain — Dorothy's party passes Merry—Go—Round Mountains, Thi — night at edge of Great Orchard


Day 5 — Button-Bright loses himself, eats enchanted peach — night at far side of orchard — Frogman crosses ditch, meets Wiljon


Day 6 — Dorothy's party visits Herku — night in Czarover's palace


Day 7 — Frogman bathes in Truth Pond ("the very morning when the travelers from the Emerald City bade farewell to the Czarover") — night on shore of Winkie River


Day 8 — Frogman's party visits Bear Center — two parties spend night on opposite sides of a hill


Day 9 — The parties join forces — Button-Bright gets lost again — night in "little grove" near Ugu's castle


Day 10 — They sight the wickerwork castle — Button-Bright is found — they storm the castle — Dorothy enchants Ugu but he escapes — Ozma is disenchanted


Days 11 to 13 — The remain in the wicker castle, removing all the magical items they find.


Days 14 — They begin the journey to the EC

The river trip to the Emerald City takes "more than a day," and there is a week of celebration following Ozma's return. Sometime during this period the Tin Woodman and the Scarecrow discover the Magic Dishpan and it is returned to its owner.


"Weeks later" Dorothy meets the enchanted Ugu, who asks to be forgiven.


[Based on the date given in Time Traveling in Oz, these dates run from May 10-23d; the year given in that story, however, is off by two years.]




The Tin Woodman of Oz


Day 1 — Woot the Wanderer arrives at the Tin Castle


Day 2 — The party leaves the Tin Castle — arrives near Loonville toward evening — night in open — Dorothy looks in Magic Picture


Day 3 — Woot's party visits the Loons — they cross the Rolling Lands and reach Yoop Castle — night in Mrs Yoop's outer chamber


Day 4 — Tin Woodman, Scarecrow, and Woot are enchanted in the AM — they meet the enchanted Polychrome — at night the Green Monkey slips into the Yoop bedchamber & releases friends — night in forest


Day 5 — Green Monkey encounters Jaguar in AM — they cross to Munchkin Country and find Jinjur's house — party disenchanted by Ozma — they are carried by Red Wagon to Munchkin forest — night "camped underneath the trees"


Day 6 — The party meets the Tin Soldier — they visit the Witch's cottage, then Ku—Klip — they cross the Invisible Country — night near Swyne's home


Day 7 — They visit Nimmie Amee — Polychrome returns home




The Magic of Oz


Day 1 — Festival on Mt Munch — Kiki Aru learns the magic word and leaves Oz, visiting 1) Hiland/Loland; 2) Merryland; 3) Noland, where he spends the night


Day 2 — Kiki Aru travels through Noland, Ix, Ev — he encounters Ruggedo — night in inn — the Glass Cat tells Cap'n Bill about the Magic Flower


Day 3 — Dorothy wonders what to give Ozma for her birthday — she visits Glinda & bargains with the Wizard — they leave for the Forest of Gugu — Trot & Cap'n Bill leave to retrieve Magic Flower — they spend night at the edge of the forest — Kiki Aru & Ruggedo plot to conquer Oz — they cross the Desert in bird form in the evening


Day 4 — Kiki Aru and Ruggedo consult with Gugu and his counselors — Trot & Cap'n Bill are caught by the Magic Island & the Glass Cat returns to the Emerald City for help


Day 5 — The Animals' Revolt breaks out — Dorothy & Wizard arrive, are enchanted by Kiki Aru — arrival of Glass Cat — Wizard learns the magic word — Glass Cat leads party to rescue Trot & Cap'n Bill — night in Munchkin Country


Day 6 — Glass Cat torments monkeys — the party camps overnight & the monkeys retaliate


Day 7 — The Glass Cat leaves the party around noon


An unspecified amount of time passes before the party arrives at the Emerald City.  Ozma's birthday is the following month.


August 21 — Ozma's birthday and party


August 22 — Disenchantment of Kiki Aru and Ruggedo


Note on the Glass Cat's trip: The Glass Cat makes the trip from the Magic Isle to the Forest of Gugu via the Emerald City in less than 24 hours. I can see no evidence in the text to argue for a longer (or shorter) period of time. Baum comments that she moved "like a crystal streak," but this would depend on the amount of territory she covered and the amount of time she spent. A closer look at her trip may provide some more information.


1) "The day was nearly gone" when Cap'n Bill and Trot crossed to the Magic Island to get the flower, so it would have been even later when the Glass Cat left for the Emerald City.


2) Since the Pink Kitten was "curled up in the sunshine" when Bungle arrived at the palace, it must have been morning——the morning of the following day (Day 5 in the chronology).


3) Alternatively, if Baum's earlier statement about the day being "nearly gone" is not taken literally, it might have been the evening before (Day 4 in the chronology).


4) This would dovetail nicely with Toto's comment about Dorothy's party having left "yesterday"; but Toto also says that Dorothy was going "to the Great Forest in the Munchkin Country" (emphasis mine). He may have been confused; or Baum (or his editor) may have made an error here. I have assigned Dorothy's departure to the previous day (Day 3) on the grounds of Dorothy's statement to the Wizard, "Let's leave now."


5) At any rate, whether Bungle arrived at the EC in the evening of Day 4 or the morning of Day 5, by late morning of Day 5, she had arrived in the Forest of Gugu.


So in the time between the end of Day 4 and the middle of Day 5 Bungle had traveled the same distances that Trot and Cap'n Bill had traveled and Dorothy and the Wizard had traveled——which included a full day of travel by both parties, plus the time the Glass Cat spent in the EC——in the period of less than a day. She must have been traveling more than twice as fast than both of the parties for an extended length of time in order to get to the Forest of Gugu by midday.


Based on the IWOC maps and the dimensions of Oz given in Dave Hardenbrook's FAQ (and the alternative suggested by David Hulan), I can't see that Bungle traveled less than 60—80 miles over the whole trip——possibly more (100—120). Assuming that she left the Magic Island around 8 PM and arrived in the EC around 7 AM, then left for the Forest of Gugu around 8 AM and arrived there around 12 PM (purely arbitrary numbers), this would mean that she was traveling between 3 1/3 and 8 miles per hour——perfectly doable, but hardly the "crystal streak" described by Baum.


This leaves us with several possibilities (assuming that the text is correct as printed):


1) Bungle's entire trip may have been quite a bit larger; but if that is the case, I think we need to argue that Oz itself is larger than the dimensions we've set for it in previous discussions.


2) The timing may be off——Bungle may have spent more time in the EC, or may have stopped at some point during the night or the following morning (unlikely——Baum says that she left the palace "without stopping to ask any more questions")


3) Something else may be going on that Baum either didn't know or wasn't interested in repeating.




Glinda of Oz


Day 1 — Dorothy learns of impending war between Flatheads and Skeezers


Day 2 — Ozma and Dorothy travel north in Red Wagon — they meet the Spiders & cross the Mist Valley — night on plain


Day 3 — Ozma & Dorothy meet the Su—Dic & escape — they enter the Skeezers' magic island and are made captive by Queen Coo—ee—oh — night in Lady Aurex's house


Day 4 — The Island is submerged — Coo—ee—oh is enchanted by Su—Dic — Flatheads return to Mountain & Dorothy begins search for fishes


Day 5 — Glinda's alarm bell rings in the morning & she summons Ozma's counselors at evening — at night, Ervic meets fishes & travels to Reera's house


Day 6 — Ervic enters Reera's house just after dawn — he outwits Reera & the 3 Adepts are disenchanted — Glinda & party travel to Skeezer Lake — set up camp


Day 7 — Glinda joined by Adepts


Day 8 — The Island is raised and Aurex & Ervic are established in power


Day 9 — The Flatheads are defeated


During "the next few days" Glinda & Adepts change Flatheads into normal people.


Note: the text of GLINDA says that the Skeezers in the boat with Ervic searched for him for "three days." I assume that this is a mistake on Baum's part (or perhaps his editor's).  If we try to fit three days into the schedule (rather than one, as above) then Ervic has to have an extra day of travel with the Adepts. I refuse to speculate on why this might be

the case.


I've also had to insert an extra day (not accounted for in the text) between the time of Coo—ee—oh's enchantment and Ervic's meeting with the 3 Adepts.  Baum states that Ervic caught the fishes after Glinda last looked in the Book of Records——in other words, after the alarm bell had sounded. The only way to work this that I know of, given the days and nights listed in the text, is to move Ervic's trip to the night after Glinda's alarm rings.


This is not one of Baum's tighter plots, chronologically speaking.




The Royal Book of Oz


Day 1 — Scarecrow departs EC in late evening


Day 2 — Scarecrow crosses Munchkin River; reaches beanpole late evening ("by the second evening"); slides down beanpole — Dorothy & Lion depart EC ("the morning after the party"); reach Scarecrow's tower (Winkie country) by mid—morning; night in front of Pokes


Day 3 — Scarecrow (Chang Wang Woe) resumes throne of the Silver Islands — Dorothy & Lion meet Sir Hokus; party meets Candy Giant; night in Fix City


Day 4 — Dorothy's party takes road from Fix City


Day 5 — Scarecrow defeats King of the Golden Islands ("Two days had passed")


Day 6 — Dorothy's party meets the deaf shepherd ("on the second day" after leaving Fix City)


Day 7 — Return of Honorable Offspring ("the second morning after the great victory"); Scarecrow & Happy Toko chained to piller at night — Dorothy's party meets Comfortable Camel & Doubtful Dromedary ("for three days they had wandered"); reunited with Scarecrow


Day 8 — Abdication of Chang Wang Woe




Kabumpo of Oz


Day 1 — Pompa's 18th birthday party in the morning (the Pumperdinkians spend "an anxious afternoon and evening") — Kabumpo & Pompa escape at night — Ruggedo finishes 6th rock ("on the same night that Prince Pompa and Kabumpo disappeared from Pumperdink") & discovers Glegg's Mixed Magic


Day 2 — Kabumpo & Pompa travel through Rith Metic, reach Illumi Nation — Ruggedo locks up Wag in morning, opens Glegg's box at evening — Dorothy's reception "on the evening after Ruggedo's strange discovery of the mixed magic" — Ruggedo impales Ozma's castle and heads for Ev, reaching it during night — Sand Man visits the Palace the same night, puts Ruggedo, residents to sleep


Day 3 — Soldier with the Green Whiskers discovers missing palace after breakfast, summons Glinda — Wag & Peg depart late at night — Kabumpo & Pompa spend day in Illumi Nation, reach Soup Sea before moonrise — Kabumpo travels through the night


Day 4 — Kabumpo & Pompa arrive at Emerald City at dawn, meet Glinda ("After studying a whole day and night in her magic books, Glinda had returned to the Emerald City to try to perfect her plan for rescuing Ozma.") — they catch up with Wag & Peg — adventures with Twigs, Runaway Country — Kabumpo's party arrives in Ev in afternoon (the Scarecrow indicates that the Palace inhabitants have been asleep for two days) — leave for Sun Top Mountain at dusk ("just one star twinkled cheerily in the sky") — arrive at Sun Top Mountain after moonrise


Day 5 — Peg & Pompa travel to EC


Note: There are several overnight stops included in this summary that are not directly accounted for in the text. In order to match the times of Ruggedo's actions and those of Glinda with Kabumpo's & Wag's journeys, I have to assume that Kabumpo & Pompa spend a whole day in Illumi Nation, and that Wag and Peg similarly spend a whole day in Wag's burrow after Ruggedo's growth.


This could conceivably be covered in the text (Kabumpo spends some time unconscious in Illumi Nation: "How long he lay in an unconscious state the Elegant Elephant never knew"; and "For a long time after the terrific bang following Ruggedo's final expansion, Wag and Peg Amy had been too stunned to even move"——and, when Wag and Peg finally leave, they go at night over the head of the Soldier with the Green

Whiskers. If they'd left the same night as Ruggedo, the Soldier would not have been there to see them leave——he discovered that the palace was missing right after breakfast on the morning following Ruggedo's escape).


I would also like to include at least one overnight journey on the Runaway Country, either on the way to Ev or on the way to Sun Top Mountain, or possibly both (partly to round out the seven days mentioned in Glegg's scroll and partly in order to make the traveling times more meaningful), but I can't justify this based on the existing text.




The Cowardly Lion of Oz


Day 1 — Mustapha demands Cowardly Lion — Notta & Bob arrive in Mudge — night in forest


Day 2 — Lion begins journey at daybreak — Notta & Bob travel through Doorways — Lion meets woodcutters, leaves them "late in the afternoon," travels through night


Day 3 — Lion meets Notta & Bob at daybreak — travel to Un during early afternoon — attacks by Uns during night


Day 4 — Party meets Nickadoodle before dawn — escape in Flyaboutabus in morning — caught by Crunch in afternoon — party splits: Notta, Bob, & Snorer spend night in Fiddlestick Forest — Crunch & Lion travel through night


Day 5 — Notta, Bob & Snorer meet Ozma's court at breakfast — Crunch, Lion arrive in Mudge when "the sun was high" — Lion disenchanted in afternoon


Note: The above reflects the chronology as given in the text. Despite Mustapha's giving Notta three days' rations to reach the EC, the trip actually takes four whole days and possibly part of a fifth. Thompson states in Chapter 19 that "Notta started to tell the history of his three amazing days in Oz," but this may mean that the day he spends in Un didn't count. Un, being a Skyle, may not be considered part of Oz.




Grampa in Oz


Day 1 — Fumbo loses his head


Day 2 — Grampa & Tatters start on expedition at 8 AM — meet Bill at evening, bandits at night — night in forest — "On the same bright morning that Grampa and Tatters started from Ragbad," Gorba kidnaps Pretty Good from Perhaps City — Prophecy of Abrog ("in four days a monster shall marry the Princess") — Percy Vere meets Dorothy — night in forest


Day 3 — Grampa & Tatters escape robbers before dawn — meet Urtha in garden, leave garden at night— Dorothy & Percy breakfast in woodcutter's cottage, taken by washerwomen


Day 4 — Grampa's party visits Fire Island & escapes through Blazes — night on lava island


Day 5 — Grampa's party visits Iso Poso — flight to Oz — discover Fumbo's head — "The two days Grampa and his little party had been adventuring in the wizard's garden, on Fire Island and Isa Poso, Dorothy, Toto and the Forgetful Poet had spent as prisoners on Monday Mountain" — Dorothy, Toto & Percy escape washerwomen — the two parties meet — camp in field at night


Day 6 — The party meets the Playfellows — Urtha escapes to Maybe Mountain — Urtha married to Tatters ("it was the fourth day mentioned in Abrog's prophecy"), disenchanted — marriage celebration in Ragbad late into night


Day 7 — "Not until after the loud crows of Bill announced the rising of the sun did the party break up"


Day 8 — "After luncheon the next day" Dorothy, Toto, Peer Haps & Percy return to their homes




The Lost King of Oz


Day 1 — Pajuka & Mombi meet again in afternoon — Snip kidnaped — night in forest General Whiffenpuff leaves for Emerald City at night


Day 2 — Snip & party encounter weenix around noon, meet Hoopers, cross sea — Catty Corners — they travel at night until Mombi throws Snip down well


Day 3 — Snip arrives in Blankenburg — he is awakened by Blanks about 9 AM — he meets Tora and the golden feather flies off — Dorothy leaves Perhaps City ("On the same bright morning that the golden goose feather had come flashing down into Ozma's garden") — she visits America, brings Humpy to life, returns, meets Kabumpo — Ozma left a message by Pajuka's feather at breakfast — she & court wished to Morrow — Dorothy's & Snip's parties meet around noon — rendezvous (with Mombi & Pajuka) at Palace in afternoon — Ozma & Co. arrive in EC two hours after Kabumpo's party — Pastoria disenchanted — abdication


Day 4 — Parade in honor of the King of Oz — Mombi extinguished — Snip leaves for Kimbaloo with General Whiffenpuff, Invisible Cook & Kabumpo after lunch


Note: According to the text, Pajuka's penfeather does not actually leave Snip's grasp until the same morning that Snip arrives in Blankenburg. Since the text states that "it was morning and nearly nine o'clock" before Snip woke up in Blankenburg and lost the feather, we must assume that Ozma breakfasted rather late that day.




Hungry Tiger of Oz


Day 1 — Betsy's birthday — hide—and—seek game begins at dusk — Ippty leaves to fetch the Hungry Tiger "as it was growing dark" — they return to Rash at night & HT spends night in palace apartment — Ippty & Irasha plot until "long after midnight"


Day 2 — Hungry Tiger locked in jail yard in morning — meets singer "toward evening" & hides him at moonrise — night in jail yard


Day 3 — Betsy meets Carter Green before breakfast — they arrive in Rash in AM and meet Tiger — barber thrown to Tiger in afternoon — Reddy thrown to Tiger "as the first stars twinkled out" — they escape through tunnel — night in fields of down — Ozma kidnapped by Atmos Fere after breakfast


Day 4 — Betsy's party has breakfast in Down Town — visit Gnome King's cavern for lunch — exit via Fire Fall — Tiger taken by Giants — night by Immense City's walls


Day 5 — Reddy enters Immense City after breakfast — rescues Hungry Tiger at night — they leave Immense City at midnight ("just as the clock tolled twelve") — Ozma punctures Atmos with a pin — they are rescued by Rusty Ore, caught in storm


Day 6 — Two parties meet in AM — conquest of Rash — return to Oz


Note: There's a night missing in Ozma's travels with Atmos Fere. She spends two days in the air with him (the day Betsy meets Carter and the day she visits Down Town and Kaliko) and sticks Atmos with a pin on the third day. There's no mention in the text that she spends a night either with Rusty Ore or with Atmos on the ground, but in order to make her rendezvous with Betsy's party come out right, I assume that the storm lasted all night.




The Gnome King of Oz


Day 1 — Queen Cross Patch goes to pieces in AM — Quilties go in search of new ruler, arrive in Emerald City in late afternoon — Scraps becomes Queen of the Quilties — Peter kidnapped by Balloon Bird — drops in on Ruggedo at evening ("the sun was sinking in the west") — escape after seaquake — night on Blunderoo's ship


Day 2 — Ozma leaves EC to spend night with Glinda — Scraps forced to work all day, meets Grumpy at dinner time — Peter, Ruggedo discover Polacky's treasure, magic implements of Soob the Sorcerer — Ruggedo deposes Kaliko at noon — Peter & Ruggedo march to desert & cross it at lunchtime — they meet Kuma Party in evening ("it's growing dark") — walk at night — Ruggedo & Peter arrive in Patch — cloak takes Ruggedo to Zamagoochie — Ruggedo imprisoned by Wumbo — Scraps, Grumpy & Peter plot to escape — night in Patch palace


Day 3 — Scraps & party escape with help from Kuma — visit Suds, Bewilderness — meet Ozwold — Tune Town — Ruggedo escapes from Wumbo in early morning — makes mischief in EC — Wumbo receives message from Kuma around noon, instructs him to send his arm to EC to warn Ozma & hold Ruggedo — Ozma returns with Magic Belt at 3PM — Scraps' party returns to EC at same time — Ruggedo foiled at Emerald City by Silence Stone


Day 4 — Peter is made a Prince of Oz — returns home — Wizard discovers the true Queen of Patch




The Giant Horse of Oz


Day 1 — Quiberon demands a mortal maiden in AM (a "calm and sunny morning") — at night (after "the great silver bells in the sapphire tower had tolled ten" and "when the moon is high") Philador is carried off by the Grand Mo—Gull, and Akbar picks the Golden Pear — Benny comes to life in Boston ("it was a warm starry evening in May") — Tattypoo falls through the witch's window ("on the same evening Philador and Akbar flew off from the Ozure Isles") — Philador spends remainder of night in witch's hut


Day 2 — Philador releases Herby, begins trip South, arriving at Up Town in time for lunch — Benny lands in Oz near Emerald City, meets Scarecrow, Trot, is carried off by Akbar, arrives Quiberon's cave around noon — after lunch, Philador, Herby & High Boy head south — Benny's party escapes from Quiberon, Cave City, Roundabouties, in the

afternoon, meet Philador's party in Munchkin Country (High Boy predicts that they will arrive at the Emerald City "in time for tea") — arrive EC late evening ("it was night and only a few stars twinkled in the sky"). Queen Orin returns to Sapphire City, is attacked by Quiberon ("on the same evening that Trot and her companions were arriving in the Emerald City" and "her jeweled crown glittered and flashed in the star light"), rescued by Akbar. Quiberon stopped by Wizard — explanations until late at night — feast begins "long past midnight.


Day 3 — "Not until the silver bells in the castle tower tolled ten did anyone above stairs stir from his silken couch" — Grand tour of Sapphire City — Wizard & Ozma undo as much of Mombi's mischief as possible — return to EC in time for lunch ("It was noon time when they dropped down lightly in the gardens of Ozma's castle.")


Cheeriobed, Orin & Philador remain in the EC for "ten days."


Note: The text of GIANT HORSE compresses the action into a very small amount of time, and the characters do a lot of traveling.  The text says that "it had taken the golden wings nearly nine hours to carry Akbar to the Emerald City" and that it took them "scarcely five to bring him back." Thompson places Akbar's arrival in the Ozure Isles at "a little after noon." That means that Benny and the Scarecrow met Trot around 7 AM (day 2 of the chronology) and that Akbar left the Ozure Isles a little after 10 PM the previous night.  No times are given after this point until after the parties are united and High Boy crosses the river (Chapter 15——a branch of the Munchkin River, according to the IWOC map of Oz).  There it's noted that the time is "late afternoon ... and the sun [was] sinking lower and lower behind the hills."  By the time Trot sights the EC, "it was night and only a few stars twinkled in the sky." It takes them less than an hour to reach the city from that point, and on their arrival Thompson says, "It was still fairly early."


According to the WORLD ALMANAC, an area between 30 and 40 degrees north latitude gets between 12 and a quarter and 14 and three—quarters hours of daylight (measured from sunrise to sunset) during the month of May. (I am assuming that Oz has a latitude corresponding to that of most of the midwestern United States.)  Nightfall in May ranges between about 6:40 at the beginning of the month to about 7:45 at the

end of the month.  That would put Trot's sighting of the Emerald City's glow between 7 and 8 o'clock, and her arrival at the EC between 8 and 9 o'clock——in accordance with Thompson's statement that "it was still fairly early."  Queen Orin's arrival in the Sapphire City would have been about the same time (the moon had apparently not yet risen, since the star light on her crown is the only light mentioned).


Now——can this be reconciled with (a) Akbar's flight and Trot & Philador's return journey; and (b) the projected size of Oz?  Not with any great exactitude, unfortunately.  Was the difference in Akbar's flight times because he had to navigate by sight (difficult in the dark) or because he had a strong tailwind coming back from the EC?  (The text describes the wind "rushing down [Trot's] throat about a mile a minute," but this is probably hyperbole on Thompson's part.  Otherwise Akbar would have traveled almost 300 air miles, which is far larger than most estimates of Oz's size.)  In order for Philador and Trot to meet, two things must have happened: High Boy must have turned far east out of the Gilliken Mountains (possible, since none of the party were sure where the Emerald City was) and Trot's party must had traveled a fair number of miles after sliding off the Roundabouties' roof.  The two parties must have rendezvoused no later than 3:00, and High Boy must really have been traveling in order to reach the EC by 8:00——perhaps as fast as the Sawhorse.




Jack Pumpkinhead of Oz


Day 1 — Peter returns to Oz in AM (a Saturday — season is "summer") — meets Jack Pumpkinhead — lunch at Goody Shop — visits Scare City, frees Snif — travel to Bourne — dinner and camp outside Baffleburg at night ("Jack watched the sun sink down behind the grim red mountains") — Belfaygor grows beard in AM — Mogodore kidnaps Shirley Sunshine, intending to marry her next morning — at night ("while Peter and his friends rested in their hidden cave") Mogodore plots to conquer the Emerald City


Day 2 — Peter's party crosses to Baffleburg Sunday AM & they are captured by Mogodore — Mogodore begins march to EC to conquer Oz, reaching and capturing it in late afternoon/early evening (at dusk — "that fine hour before dinner") — Peter's party retrieves the forbidden flagon ("The search for the flagon had taken just an hour"), escapes from Baffleburg in AM  — Peter, Belfayor, & Snif captured by sack — Jack visits Jinnicky, returns to EC & frees Ozites after dark ("Dusk turned into darkness, lights shone from every room in the palace") — marriage of Belfaygor & Shirley Sunshine — wedding feast continues all night ("not until daybreak did anyone think of retiring")


Day 3 — Festivities continue all day (Monday) — Belfaygor & Shirley leave at lunchtime ("at noon they rode off on the Sawhorse") — Fraid Cats & Statues returned to normal — Belfaygor & band returned to Baffleburg in late afternoon — Peter returns home


Note: The distance between Bourne and the EC is never determined exactly.  Peter's party has lunch on the way and are interrupted at its conclusion by the denizens of Swing City.  Peter says "It must be nearly four o'clock" by the time they have escaped Swing City and gotten back underway, and they overtake Mogodore shortly afterwards.  Snif say that it "will not take longer than an hour to fly to the capitol" from Baffleburg, but it is not clear how he knows this——and, based on the timing of his trip (they are already in flight by noon but are not captured by the sack until around 3:45—4:00), the estimate is probably off.  Mogodore arrives in the EC at sunset (perhaps as late as 8:30 if the season is really summer), giving him a 9 to 11 hour trip between Bourne and the capitol. (Horses can't travel more than about 12 mph, and they can't keep it up for very long.  This gives a maximum distance of 120—132 miles, with 60—75 being perhaps more realistic.) If this is the case then Jack must spend almost four hours in the Red Jinn's domain (from about 4:00 to 8:00) before being summoned to appear before Mogodore. 




The Yellow Knight of Oz


Day 1 (Thursday) — Chinda discovers Comfortable Camel in Ozma's stables — expedition prepared


Day 2 (Friday) — Tuzzle begins trip to Emerald City "at dawn" — in evening, Sir Hokus resolves to go on a quest ("Three days before Monday, the day set by Dorothy for the quest") — he and Camy leave at night


Day 3 (Saturday) — Sir Hokus awakens "about six," arrives in Marshland "about noon"; rescued by Ploppa (they proceed into the marsh "for nearly an hour") — meets Camy in evening ("it was almost dark") — night on flying field — Tuzzle arrives at EC "a little before sundown on the second evening" (and "the day after Sir Hokus had started upon his quest") — departs the same night — Wizard announces completion of searchlight at

dinner that night — Speedy takes off in the Skyrocket


Day 4 (Sunday) — Sir Hokus & Camy awake about an hour before dawn & are thrown off the flying field "as the sun came up" — they enter the castle of Corumbia & "after an hour's tramp" through the woods they disenchant Peter Pun — Speedy arrives in Subterranea, disenchants Marygolden, visits Quick City — Camy camel—napped by Tuzzle in AM (shortly after Peter Pun's disenchantment) — Speedy disenchants Stampedro — Speedy's party meets Hokus's party (in late morning or early afternoon) — enter Samandra "before the last of the sun's rays had faded from the sky" & encounter Sultan — return to Stampedro's horse chestnut after moonrise ("Dusk had deepened into night, and long afterward Speedy remembered that thrilling gallop through the shadowy forest with only the faint moonlight and an occasional star to show them a path between the trees") — disenchantment of court of Corumbia


Day 5 (Monday) — Marygolden & Confido join Sir Hokus & Speedy at breakfast at 9:00 AM ("just one hour to ten") — Disenchantment of Corum, Prince of Corumbia at 10:00 AM — arrive in Corabia around noon ("after a sharp two—hour gallop") — Corabians released from enchantment — Ozma & Dorothy arrive, disarm Sultan


Day 6 (Tuesday) — Marriage of Marygolden — Speedy returns home


Note: The timing of Speedy's trip in the Skyrocket is vague.  I assume that Speedy was unconscious all night ("How long or how far he traveled in this helpless condition he never did discover") and awoke early the next morning (there is a sun shower while he is in Subterranea).  This lets him disenchant Marygolden early in the day and allows time for traveling in the Parachuter and the adventures in Quick City before the

rendezvous with Hokus and Peter Pun around noon or a little after.


The marriage of Sir Hokus and Marygolden is solemnized "at high noon," according to the text.  If this is true, then the marriage must take place on the day after the disenchantment of the Corabians (Tuesday, the sixth day of the chronology), even though there is no mention of an intervening night in the text.  The disenchantment of Corum (a major plot point) is at 10:00 AM and if the Yellow Knight takes two hours to travel to Corabia on Stampedro, then there is no way he could have disenchanted all the Corabians and Princess Marygolden in time to marry her by "high noon."  An alternative interpretation is that Thompson's interpolation of the "two—hour gallop" is incorrect; a one—hour gallop might have left enough time for the disenchantments, the disarming of the Sultan, and the marriage of Marygolden.




Pirates in Oz




Ruggedo becomes king of Menankypoo in AM — sleeps for 3 1/2 days

Pirates desert Samuel Salt Time passes —


Day 1 — Ruggedo discovers Conjurer's Cave in AM ("One morning, after a particularly long walk"), recovers voice, meets Clocker ("exactly five minutes before twelve") — Ruggedo leaves cave after 12:15 — pirates arrive, raid Menankypoo — Ruggedo sees pirates' arrival ("their scimitars flashing wickedly in the afternoon sunshine"), their conquest of Menankypoo ("It was almost dark when the pirates reappeared"), returns to cave at night ("the moon had come up bright and full" and Ruggedo finishes his speech to Clocker at 10:10 PM) —  Ruggedo and Clocker face pirates & Ruggedo is elected chief — Ato deserted by Octagon Islanders — Samuel Salt & Peter arrive — Crescent Moon departs Octagon Isle toward evening ("flying under that great cloud of canvas straight toward the setting sun")


Day 2 — Ruggedo cows the pirates in AM ("the morning after the buccaneers had made him chief") — arrival of Octagon Islanders bolsters Ruggedo's army ("it was exactly three o'clock") — Peter, Samuel, Ato & Roger ("all night and all morning" the Crescent Moon traveled under full sail) conquer Shell City in afternoon (the island, on their arrival, glitters "in the noonday sun")


At least 2 days pass ("No land had been sighted for two days"), perhaps longer (since the crew of the Crescent Moon has nearly finished the food taken from Shell Island)


Day 5 — Crescent Moon encounters the No Bodies & Bananny Goat


Day 6 — Breakfast nearly sinks Crescent Moon — meet Duke of Dork & Peter frees Pigasus in AM — encounter Snow Island — at Mount Up by late evening


Day 7 — Crescent Moon becalmed


Day 8 — Ruggedo's army leaves to conquer EC in AM — Peter goes ashore on Mount Up "soon after the noon meal on the second day," frees Og in afternoon — Crescent Moon driven to Ev — Peter heads to Oz to stop Ruggedo, followed by Samuel & crew (Peter arrives and is stopped at 6:00) — Ruggedo captured by Salt & crew at 6:15 — feasting and merrymaking continues until "long past midnight"




The Purple Prince of Oz


Day 1 — Randy begins trials  — Randy caught stealing grapes in AM (Kabumpo is enjoying his "morning nap") — Kabumpo takes him as a servant


Day 7 — Royal Family of Pumperdink enchanted at dinner ("you've been here only a week") — Kabumpo escapes late at night/early morning ("as the great clock in the tower tolled one," and the night was "dark and moonless")


Day 8 — Amethyst ball flashes once (on a "bright May morning" — Hoochafoo notes that it has been "eight days" since Randy started his trials) — Kabumpo & Randy encounter Nishibis/Faleero, meet the Soothsayer, visit River Road "about noon," continue to Torpedo Town, Stair Way, Delves — escape at evening (as "the sun was sinking behind the purple hills"), meet Nandywog — dinner & night at Nandywog's castle


Day 9 — Breakfast with Nandywog, visit Squeegees — arrive in Quadling country ("in an hour they passed under the crimson arch leading into the Red Land of Oz") — Guide Post Man takes them to Ev ("Just ten minutes after they left the Quadling Country") — Jinnicky joins party — they reach the Deadly Desert & cross after storm on Polychrome's rainbow — Randy overcomes the Combinoceros before sunset ("the sun's going down") —

party captured by Double Men ("the last rays of the setting sun touched the castle towers and golden roofs" of Double Up) — Randy spends night in cellar — General Quakes leaves for Emerald City


Day 10 — Jinnicky releases Kabumpo & Randy in early morning — they cross Winkie River & enter Gilliken territory around 3 PM — meet Ozwoz — General Quakes spends night in EC


Day 11 — Breakfast with Ozwoz — return to Pumperdink "a little after noon" — Jonwan captures Faleero — Ozma & Wizard arrive — Jinnicky & Randy reach Faleero's hut "after an hour or so" — they liberate the royal family — royal party arrives in Pumperdink late in the afternoon ("it was almost night") — Randy completes tasks & is named king of Regalia — festivities continue until early morning ("the clock in the great tower had tolled two")




Ojo in Oz


Day 1 — Ojo taken by gypsies in late afternoon/early evening ("rather too late to play outdoors and rather too early for supper"), meets Snufferbux — night in wagon — Unc Nunkie reports to Ozma at dinner & they look in Magic Picture


Day 2 — Dorothy, Cowardly Lion & Scraps leave at 4 AM — they arrive on the Rolling Road & Dickseyland — Reachard's hand leads Dorothy's party to Moojer Mountain ("although the mountain at first glance had seemed quite near, it took them all morning and part of the afternoon to reach the base") — they nap before ascending the mountain ("when she opened her eyes it was night, and the whole sky was bright with stars") —they are enchanted by Mooj — Ojo rescued by Realbad & bandits in AM (after breakfast) — he summons Opodok in the night & he, Snufferbux & Realbad are marooned on Crystal Mountain — Ozma, Unc Nunkie & Scarecrow arrive at Glinda's palace ("about the time Dorothy, the Cowardly Lion, and Scraps were leaving Dicksy Land")


Day 3 — Ojo's party visits frozen city — Ojo & Snufferbux encounter Snoctorotomus ("the sun was still high") — they are reunited with Realbad & visit Tappy Town, leaving when "it was quite late and growing dark"  — night on plain — Realbad reforms during night


Day 4 — Fog in morning — Realbad encounters Ann Gora — they visit Unicorners — Snufferbux overpowers Realbad — Ojo & Snufferbux meet Elevator Man, Ojo is taken by Mooj — Roganda & Realbad arrive, confront Mooj — Ozma, Wizard, Unc Nunkie arrive, pick up Dorothy's party, leave for Seebania — Mooj neutralized — disenchantments,

reunitements all around ("it was long after one o'clock")


Day 5 — Celebration in Robber's Cave "till long shadows fell over the spruce trees and fires and candles had to be lighted" — Ozma's party leaves for EC — night in cave




Speedy in Oz


Day 1 — Speedy & Uncle Billy arrive at Professor Sanderson's camp in PM ("it was long past noon") — Speedy & Terrybubble explode out of Yellowstone ("just an hour before sunset") — Sizzeroo runs into Loxo shortly before sunset ("the first evening star is directly over Your Majesty's head") — Speedy & Terrybubble arrive on Umbrella Island ("now it was night") — Councilor’s meeting lasts until nearly sunrise ("we still have two months, thirty days, twelve hours and seven minutes")


Day 2 — Bamboula arranges parade ("by nine o'clock ... Umbrellians stood impatiently awaiting the signal to start") — they discover Speedy & Terrybubble — Kachewka hatches plot before they return to palace for lunch — Speedy & Terrybubble spend early afternoon with Gureeda — Umbrella Island crashes between Roaraway & Noraway Islands — Speedy negotiates with Radj — swims to Roaraway at night & sinks water gun


Day 3 — Waddy wakes Speedy at 9:30 AM — he makes Speedy assistant wizard that morning


Time passes


Day 7 — "Several days had passed since Speedy's exciting swim to Roaraway"— Speedy finds Sizzeroo crying in the garden — that night, Terrybubble learns of Kachewka's plan (season is spring; the windows are open at night "to admit the soft May breezes") — Terrybubble plots with Pansy & carries Gureeda & Speedy off — remainder of night in



Day 8 — Loxo captures Speedy & Gureeda in AM — Waddy completes anti—giant formula after working all night ("The last star had twinkled out, and under the eaves the birds were beginning to twitter about another day") — Waddy, Bamboula & Sizzeroo descend on Dorothy, Ozma at breakfast ("The morning was so clear and bright that Ozma and Dorothy were having breakfast in the Royal gardens") — rescue Speedy, Gureeda about noon — party in evening ("lasted five hours and eight hundred miles") — Ozma sends Speedy home




The Wishing Horse of Oz


Day 1 — Skamperoo obtains first emerald necklace


Day 3 — Matiah delivered to Skamperoo "as the afternoon of the second day drew to a close" — Chalk arrives — Jo King and High Boy consult — Dorothy and the Scarecrow plan the celebration of discovery of Oz by mortals


Day 4 — Skamperoo decides to conquer Oz in AM ("just as the castle clock tolled seven") — he makes Pinny Penny king, and Pinny Penny banishes Matiah — Matiah arrives at Deadly Desert at "nightfall" — first day of the great celebration (visitors begin to arrive "shortly after noon" and festivities continue until "the sun had begun to slip down behind the treetops") — celebration interrupted during Grand Banquet & Ozma, Wizard, Jinnicky, rulers of 4 countries disappear — Dorothy & Pigasus flee to Winkie country in evening, flying for "several hours" — night in summer house — Banquet lasts "till long after three o'clock"


Day 5 — Skamperoo & Chalk breakfast in garden ("it was still fairly early") — second day of great festival, including circus, picnic, fireworks — Matiah steals necklaces at night — Dorothy & Pigasus cross Winkie River at noon, blunder into Black Forest — afternoon and dinner with Gloma — they are wished to Ev "as the black banjo clock in the corner of the hall struck a musical ten" — night in Kaliko's chambers


Day 6 — Skamperoo misses necklaces before breakfast — Matiah hides in sub—basement — Kaliko welcomes Dot, Pigasus after breakfast — directs travelers, offers them limited assistance — Dorothy & Pigasus fly all day "with only a short pause for lunch" — arrive at Dooners in time for supper, meet Dooners at night — visit Bitty Bit after escaping from Dooners, night in tower


Day 7 — Dot & Piggins breakfast with Bitty Bit — they travel to EC, arriving "just as the soft musical gong sounded the call for luncheon" — Skamperoo & Chalk negotiate — Ozites restored — Skamperoo returns to Skampavia


Day 8 — Dorothy tells Ozma the secret of the wishing emeralds at "the end of the second day"




Captain Salt in Oz


Day 1 — Crescent Moon arrives at Octagon Island "one morning" — departs again before evening ("seven bells," according to Roger; so either 3:30 or 7:30 PM)


Day 2 — They meet the Lavalanders in AM ("Morning found the Crescent Moon forging ahead with a stiff breeze") — receive Sally in evening, shortly before 5:30 (Ato says "It's three bells and time to stir up the food," while "Samuel strode happily along the deck, stopping to light the red lamps on the port and the green lights on the starboard") — Roger plots position of Volcano Island in evening ("There was a tiny crescent moon sliding down the sky"; Roger places the island "'Bout ... sixty leagues from Octagon Island") — Samuel stands first watch with Sally, beginning at 8:00 ("by eight bells the King and the Read Bird were sleeping soundly and Samuel Salt had the ship to himself"), lasting until 12:00 ("Not until midnight when he roused Ato could he bear to put Sally back")


Day 3 — Roger sights Patrippany Island "while Ato was cooking breakfast" — they enter the Bigginlittle River at breakfast time — meet Nikobo, rescue Tandy — set sail again in evening with the tide — Roger discovers Tandy's talent for drawing at 12:00 ("When Roger, on first watch, called out eight bells")


Day 4 — Tandy begins to emerge from sulks in AM ("The day was bright and breezy") — encounter with Sea Serpent


Some time passes — probably several weeks (in order to give Tandy time to acclimatize) — "The days that followed always seemed to Tandy the happiest he had known."


Day 24 — Samuel and Tandy inspect the collection


Day 25 — Crescent Moon arrives at Peakenspire Island — tour with Alberif in PM ("of his many experiences Tandy always remembered best the afternoon spent on Peakenspire") — fog late in the day ("The evening had blown up raw and cold")


Day 26 — Tandy stands morning watch beginning at 4:00 — they encounter the Sea Forest in early morning — depart late in PM ("Samuel did not get his ship underway till late afternoon")


Day 27 — They encounter the Narwhal


Day 28 — Samuel Salt in Seeweegia in AM — storm at sea


Day 29 — The Crescent Moon rides out the storm, "coming, toward morning, into quiet waters at last."  They conquer Ozamaland by dinnertime


A "whole week" passes before the Crescent Moon leaves Ozamaland.




Handy Mandy in Oz


Day 1 — Glinda's Record Book disappears


Day 2 — Wutz's agent steals Ruggedo, Magic Picture


Day 10 — In "late afternoon," Mandy is exploded off Mt Mern — arrives in Keretaria — night in Nox's stable


Day 11 — Mandy & Nox leave Keretaria before dawn — cross Munchkin River early — Turn Town — Highlanders — captured by Wutz — agent brings Ruggedo, Magic Picture to Wutz — Ruggedo released — Mandy & Nox escape, rescue Kerry — Himself enchants Ruggedo & Wutz


Mandy & Co. spend "a happy week" in the Emerald City — she then returns to Mt Mern for a month before relocating to Keretaria




The Silver Princess in Oz


Day 1 — Kabumpo arrives in Regalia in late afternoon, probably between four and five (Randy sends Hoochafoo to review the Purple Guard at five o'clock) — Kabumpo & Randy escape the castle at midnight ("in the bright, white light of a smiling moon") — season is spring ("moved rhythmically as a ship through the soft spring night"), probably May or June from Randy's reference to the Gapers' "dinner month"


Day 2 — Kabumpo arrives in Gaper's Gulch while moon is still up (before dawn) — gets 5 miles beyond the Gulch before stopping (still before dawn; "the moon had waned and the stars grown faint as he stopped at last") — storm — breakfast/lunch in Ix — meet Planetty & Thun — enter Box Wood — leave Box Wood, enter forest in afternoon — night in forest


Day 3 — Encounter field of feathers — imprisoned by Gludwig in Red Jinn's basement — release Ginger — Jinnicky pulled from Nonestic in afternoon/evening — Gludwig spends evening experimenting with Planetty's staff


Day 4 — At 2 AM Jinnicky & party arrive at the Red Castle — Jinnicky restored to power in morning — Randy, Kabumpo wait "hours" while Jinnicky revives Planetty, Thun — Randy, Planetty married


"After a month's merry stay" with Jinnicky, they return to Oz


Note: One of the continuing questions for Ozian researchers is the amount of time that elapses between different volumes in the canon.  SILVER PRINCESS gives more clues than most as to the passage of time because it reunites two characters from PURPLE PRINCE (Kabumpo and Randy).  There are six books separating the two (PURPLE PRINCE, OJO, SPEEDY, WISHING HORSE, CAPTAIN SALT, HANDY MANDY). In SILVER PRINCESS, Thompson gives several clues to the passage of time, indicating that the time between books averages about a year:


1. In Chapter One, Randy completes his 310th weekly court reception.  310 weeks = approximately 5.96 years, or about two weeks before the sixth anniversary of his accession.


2. In Chapter Two Kabumpo says, "You were only about ten when I met you and that makes you sixteen now."  This is not conclusive evidence; Randy replies that he had been "ten for about four years before I knew you."  However, Thompson makes another reference to this amount of time in her role as narrator in the same chapter ("'tis a wonder, even after six years, that he managed this visit to Randy"), so it is fairly certain that six years have passed since the events of PURPLE PRINCE.


3. In Chapter Eight, Kabumpo refers to the last time he saw Jinnicky: "He was in fine shape and form when I saw him in the Emerald City three years ago.  By the way, why weren't you at that grand celebration?"  This is presumably a reference to the events chronicled in WISHING HORSE, which is separated from SILVER PRINCESS by CAPTAIN SALT and HANDY MANDY.  If we assume that the volumes are approximately a year apart, this would make SILVER PRINCESS take place in the third year from WISHING HORSE.




Ozoplaning with the Wizard of Oz


Day 1 — Wizard hosts dinner at evening ("the fall evening was quite cool and frosty") — Oztober launched prematurely


Day 2 — Jellia discovers Kit Bag — they meet the Spikers — Nick Chopper discovers the Strat — Strut forces Nick to pilot him to Oz — arrival of Ozpril with Wizard, Dorothy, Scarecrow, Lion — flight to Oz by stick — party imprisoned by Bustabo — Wizard meets Azurine — party flees to Glinda's castle, arriving at daybreak


Day 3 — Tin Woodman arrives with invaders in AM — palace inhabitants flee — Ozma confronts Strut — resolves Bustabo problem — Wizard & Tin Woodman leave to find Ozpril




The Wonder City of Oz


Day 1 (8/17) — Jenny Jump meets Siko Pompus, received fairy gifts, leaves NJ


Day 5 (8/21) — Ozma's birthday — Jenny arrives, meets Number Nine — night with Number Nine's family


Day 6 (8/22) — Jenny recovers the Turnstyle — arrives Emerald City at noon — opens shop — begins Ozlection


A week passes (Ozma says, "It has been a dull week for [Jack Pumpkinhead], staying in his ozoplane to guard the votes.")


Day 13 (8/29) — Jack Pumpkinhead's shoe concert — Heelers invade at night — Jenny arouses firefly fairies


Day 14 (8/30) — Number Nine meets the Wizard — Jenny undergoes youthening process, loses fairy gifts — old Ozoplane takes off — chocolate general holds Jenny, Scraps, Jack prisoner — Jenny escapes at night


Day 15 (8/31) — Number Nine's family comes to visit — he begins search for Jenny — they foil the invasion of chocolate soldiers — he visits the Wizard, rescues Scraps, Jack — meeting at PLOz at night


Time passes before day set for Ozlection:


Chooseday — Jenny loses, begins riot — Wizard removes Jenny's "bad traits" — Ozma makes Jenny a Duchess — Siko Pompus returns her fairy gifts


Note: It is not stated in the text what length of time passes between the meeting at the PLOz and the day set for the Ozlection, but on the basis of Dorothy's statement, "I can't wait till next Choose Day.  This ozlection is going to be a lot of fun," it isn't very long—— perhaps no longer than a week.




The Scalawagons of Oz


Day 1 — Number Nine is late — Wizard introduces Tik—tok to Scalawagons — Tik—tok runs down


Day 2 — Lollies drive off Bell—snickle — it messes with the Flabbergas — at noon, the Wizard prepares to unveil his surprise — Jenny, Scarecrow & Tin Woodman leave with Sawhorse to rescue Scalawagons — they visit Winkie Woods, Bottles — Jenny meets the Nota—bells — Number Nine & Clock join her — they rescue Tik—tok, Scalawagons — bathing party — Bell—snickle steals Jenny's scalawagon — she pursues, spends night in forest


Day 3 — Jellia, Betsy, Trot, Dorothy meet Jenny with their Scalawagons — Bell—snickle pursued, defeated — dancing in evening




Lucky Bucky in Oz


Day 1 — At noon, Bucky is exploded out of New York harbor — lands in dough volcano, meets Davy Jones — sleeps in cabin for 12 hours — Number Nine & Wizard have lunch with Ozma, launch painting project


Day 2 — Bucky awakes at dawn — they meet the Dollfins, Zerons — painted Mombi finds shelter in Davy's cabin — arrive in Gnome Kingdom, conquer Kaliko, release Gabooches to escape — travel all night — Number Nine makes trip to Gnome Kingdom


Day 3 — Bucky's party emerges from Gnome Kingdom at daybreak — night in wilderness


Day 4 — Bucky's party continues across wilderness — cross desert at evening on Polychrome's rainbow


Day 5 — They meet Gamesters, Jack Pott — night with Thunderbugs


Day 6 — Davy slides down slippery slope — Gabooches meet Scarecrow, Tin Woodman — arrive in Lake Quad in late afternoon — Davy founders — Wizard resolves painting problems — Mombi captured — fireworks at night


Note: LUCKY BUCKY poses some interesting chronological problems. Neill implies that the painting project takes place over a single day, but Bucky's and Davy's journey covers six days. It's not clear in the text when exactly the painting occurs, but it is stated that the painted Mombi hides in Davy's cabin while he and Bucky are crossing the Zerons' mountain. Apparently she remained hidden under the bunk in Davy's cabin for four days—which doesn't say much for Bucky's cabin—cleaning.




The Magical Mimics in Oz


Day 1 — Ozma summons Dorothy and tells her of her impending conference at Burzee the next morning — she will be gone three days


Day 2 — Ozma & Glinda depart in the morning


Day 3 — "Several hours after midnight," Umb & Ra leave for the Emerald City — they capture Dorothy & Wizard and carry them off — Scarecrow & Scraps suspect something is wrong — Dot & Wiz released by light after "hours" motionless — Hi-lo takes Wiz, Dot to top of Mt Illuso — Toto has dinner at 7 PM, causes Umb & Ra to lock themselves away — Dot, Wiz spend night in Hi-lo's cottage


Day 4 — Umb, Ra find spell, return to Mt Illuso in AM — Dorothy & Wizard arrive in Pineville after several hours' walk, meet Ozana — they visit Storybook Garden — night in Ozana's cottage


Day 5 — Ra casts spell "after midnight" — Ozana, Dot, Wiz begin trip to EC in morning — Mimics begin trip to Oz — Ozma, Glinda arrive — Toto saves the day — Dot, Wiz, Ozana arrive — Mimics banished around noon


Day 6 — Ozana welcomed to Oz — grand banquet in evening




The Shaggy Man of Oz


Day 1 — Twink, Tom invited to Conjo Island — Love Magnet breaks, Shaggy Man takes it to Conjo to be repaired — Conjo takes Magic Compass at night — Shaggy Man, Twink, Tom, Twiffle flee in Airmobile


Day 2 — Shaggy's party arrives in Hightown — they lose Airmobile, visit Valley of Romance — Shaggy enchanted— at the evening play, Twink interrupts — they find Shaggy at night


Day 3 — Tom discovers that Twink has been enchanted — Tom rouses the castle at evening by using the Love Magnet — grand banquet


Day 4 — The party leaves for the Deadly Desert — they meet the Fairy Beavers — night in Beaver King's castle


Day 5 — They begin the trip under the Desert — Flame Folk — barrier of invisibility — night in tunnel


Day 6 — Conjo steals Wizard's magic bag — Shaggy's party reaches EC — Beaver King defeats Conjo — Twiffle & Conjo depart — Twink & Tom depart




The Hidden Valley of Oz


Day 1 — Jam builds the Collapsible Kite — takes lab animals — is carried off by the wind


Day 2 — Jam's crate crashes — he is caught by Terp — imprisoned in castle — Percy goes scouting — Jam escapes with Pinny & Gig — Percy steals magic muffin


Day 3 — Jam reaches the plains of the Equinots — Percy's sudden appearances rescues him — night in Gillikin household


Day 4 — Jam & Percy arrive at Winkie River & Swim to Kite Island — rescue of kites — Collapsible Kite carries Oercy & Jam to Tin Woodman's castle by evening — night in castle


Day 5 — Dorothy, Scarecrow, Hungry Tiger, Cowardly Lion arrive — Jam released Collapsible Kite — meet Leopard w/ Changing Spots — night in forest


Day 6 — They visit Bookville — Percy, Rhyming Dictionary release them at night — they stay outside the town until morning


Day 7 — Spots & Rhyming Dictionary leave for Emerald City — they visit Icetown — they escape and travel across river on raft — night with Gillikin family


Day 8 — Equinots chased off — arrive at Hidden Valley — Terp captured at night while Tin Woodman destroys magic muffin tree


Day 9 — The party leaves for EC — night in fields


Day 10 — They arrive in EC — celebration


Day 11 — Jam leaves for home




Merry Go Round in Oz


Day 1: Monday — An "evening in April" — Robin rides the merry—go—round — Roundelay steals the last circlet. 


Day 2: Tuesday — National Emergency in Halidom — Robin arrives in View Halloo — Giles, Fess, Fred, Flitter leave Halidom secretly at night, followed by Unicorn.  Noted to be a Tuesday on page 44.


Day 3: Wednesday — Fess & Co. visit Sign Here & Oracle — Dorothy & Cowardly Lion visit Easter Bunny, meet Fess & Co. — combined companies visit Home, escape, discover 1st circlet — night in Blue Forest — Robin & Merry escape from View Halloo at night — remainder of night in cave.  This is said to be a week before Easter (page 136), but this must be taken as meaning "the upcoming week," since it's a Wednesday.  In 1960, that makes this day April 13th.


Day 4: Thursday — Robin & Merry cross river at ferry, come to Roundabout — joined by Fess, Dorothy & Co. In late afternoon/early evening — night in Round Room — Flitter rescues circlet #2.


Day 5: Friday — At dawn Merry discovers map to Halidom/Troth — escape from Roundabout — arrive Halidom at tea—time — interview with Sir Greves — Ozma arrives — Giles & Fred promoted — Robin & Merry welcomed to Oz.





Ride the Iffin Back to Oz!