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Oz For and By Kids





The Roots of Wonder in Oz






Dark Ages in Oz






A Foolish Fable from Oz






Dorothy in Dreamland






Ozma and the Wayward Wand







Dorothy and the Magic Belt






Dorothy and the Seven-Leaf Clover







Mr. Tinker in Oz






Dorothy and Old King Crow






Toto in Candyland of Oz



Notes: This picture book is an adaptation of Chapter 2 of Roger Baum's Dorothy of Oz with slight alterations of text and entirely new artwork.




The Rewolf of Oz







Pegasus in Oz







The Joust of Oz







The SillyOzbuls of Oz

The SillyOzbul of Oz and Toto

The SillyOzbuls of Oz and the Magic Merry-Go-Round



Notes: Internal dates of the first two books seem to indicate 1927, but factors in the third book strongly suggest a more modern setting is appropriate, perhaps 1991 (the year before the copyright date on the third volume).






The Wizard of Oz and the Magic Merry Go Round



Notes: This picture book is an adaptation of The Silly Ozbuls of Oz and the Magic Merry Go Round (see above) with new artwork, slightly different prose and no SillyOzbuls.  Dating appears to be modern, possibly 1991.






Toto of Oz and the Surprise Party








Egorís Funhouse Goes to Oz



Notes: Written by a very young Chris Dulabone (creator of Buckethead Enterprises of Oz and Tails of the Cowardly Lion in Oz) while in grade school, there have been several sequels written which incorporate these characters, including The Fantastic Funhouse of Oz and Vampires and Oz.






The Fantastic Funhouse of Oz



Notes: The first sequel to Dulabone's earliest juvenile work, Egor's Funhouse Goes to Oz. Followed by Nikki Kay Richardson's Vampires and Oz.







Toto in Oz



Notes: Chris Dulabone's first published story and among the earliest to come out of his Buckethead Enterprises of Oz imprint.  Re-released in early 2007 as a print-on-demand title, available from Tails of the Cowardly Lion and Friends.







Sassy Ann and Teddy Bear in Oz








Veggy Man of Oz








Acinad Goes to the Emerald City of Oz



Notes: Written and illustrated by a class of fourth and fifth graders, students of Chris Dulabone (creator of publishing house Tails of the Cowardly Lion and Friends). The Magic Diamond of Oz is a sequel. Dulabone has incorporated many of the events in these books into several of his Buckethead/Tails of the Cowardly Lion and Friends titles.







The Magic Diamond of Oz



Notes: Written and illustrated by a group of fourth and fifth grade students of Chris Dulabone (creator of Tails of the Cowardly Lion and Friends). The sequel to Acinad Goes to the Emerald City.







The Cloud King of Oz







The Bunny King of Oz






Brewster Bunny and the Case of the Outrageous Enchantments of Oz



Notes: This one and half page pamphlet is designed as a puzzle for kids to help Brewster Bunny solve a mystery.







Brewster Bunny in Oz







The Wiz Kids of Oz

Our Trip to Oz: Book I

The Enchanted Emeralds from Oz: Book II

Many Lands in Oz: Book III

The Liberty Bell of Oz: Book IV

W.W. Denslow in Oz: Book V

John R. Neill Visits Oz: Book VI

A Valuable Gift from Oz: Book VII



Notes: The Wiz Kids of Oz were composed of students in Fourth and Fifth grade classes from several years in a row that were taught by Serafin Padilla, and aided by Chris Dulabone, who helped each succeeding class to compose and publish their own book. For an angry response to Padilla, see "Ozma Gets Really Pissed Off and Cussess..."







The Haunted Hot Tub of Oz








Kidnapped in Oz

Barney Backhoe in Oz



Notes: Author Ruth Waara's grandchildren have adventures which eventually land them in Oz. In Kidnapped, the evil circus impresario, Whiplash, has been kidnapping pets as well as Ozian animals for his circus. With the help of a computerized, talking backhoe, the kids go to the rescue. In Barney Backhoe, Whiplash is back for revenge. In Oz, meanwhile, Professor Wogglebug has been left in charge where he decides to enforce Ozma's law against magic users, with disastrous results. Although cute, Waara's writing style here is clearly targeted to a younger audience than her prior two manuscripts (Umbrella Island in Oz, Magic Cryptogram of Oz) and the existence of a living backhoe in the United States tends to stretch credulity.







Colorful Corniness in Oz



Notes: Tails of the Cowardly Lion & Friends' first full-color work, this 43 page booklet deals with a bumbling family of painters who have "a series of silly adventures in Oz, including meetings with the Scarecrow, the Patchwork Girl, and other citizens of L. Frank Baum's beloved fairyland."







The Wogglebug's Book of Manners





The Wogglebug's Fun with Seasons and Holidays in Oz



Baby Z and the Rabbit of Oz


Notes: It's uncertain if this short 21 page story has anything to do with Oz, other than the possibility that the giant talking rabbit called Oz, who shows the titular baby around his property, might be from Oz (Bunnyberry, perhaps?) but this is never said in the story or even implied.




The Dragon of Oz series

Notes: This series, written by a young child, is a reimagining of Oz, with Dorothy running away from her aunt and uncle because they want to kill Toto. The "Guide to Oz" is a Q&A written by himself as to why he wrote these.








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