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March Laumer's Oz


The Fairy Queen in Oz



The Charmed Gardens of Oz




The China Dog of Oz



Uncle Henry and Aunt Em in Oz




The Careless Kangaroo of Oz




The Crown of Oz

In the tenth year of Ozma’s reign the Purpleness of the Gillikin Country is expanding and threatening to engulf all Oz; the trolls, who have emigrated to Oz, go on strike threatening the Oz economy; Fattywiggins, an obese, rather insufferable, nine-year-old English favorite of Ozma, is made Acting Queen.  But what has Mombi to do with this? Or the Nome King? Or the Caresso-Pigs? Or the Crown of Love and Wisdom? -- Notes by Stephen Teller



The Vegetable Man of Oz




The Magic Mirror of Oz




The Frogman of Oz




The Umbrellas of Oz


There is the Wicked Witch of the West’s Umbrella (which did not save her from Dorothy’s bucket of water) and Button Bright’s Magic Umbrella that disappeared after he arrived in Mo (in THE SCARECROW OF OZ), and Umbrella Island (in SPEEDY IN OZ).  They are all involved in this story that shifts from 1952, when William “Speedy” Rapidan is having a reunion with the Old Boys of Oz, to 1914, when Button Bright meets Omby Amby in Mo where the latter is trying to divorce his first wife, to several times in between.  -- Notes by Stephen Teller 



The Woozy of Oz

This is the cover of the second edition.  The original was bound with Baxley Jr.s The Talking City of Oz.  Ozma removes the ban on magic which has unexpected consequences including the disappearance of Ozma herself for five years.  -- Notes by Stephen Teller



Dragons in Oz


The last of Laumer’s books, a sequel to The Woozy of Oz, takes place five years later, when Ozma’s restoration is due.  Doctor Pipt, Chopfyte, and Kiki Aru visit Gingema’s (the Wicked Witch of the East’s) house where they find a film, The Secret of Kiki Moru, which will eventually be the key to many mysteries. -- Notes by Stephen Teller



The Green Dolphin of Oz


See entry in Dark Side of Oz page.



Aunt Em and Uncle Henry in Oz




In Other Lands than Oz

Compilation contains illustrations and short stories by various authors, some of which do not pertain to Oz.  See below:

  1. Night on the Milky Way Railroad by Kenji Miyazawa (non Oz)

  2. The Woozy's Tricky Beginning by March Laumer (published originally in Oziana 1978)

  3. The Griffon and the Centaur by Keith Laumer (non Oz)

  4. Scraps and the Magic Box by Fred Meyer (click on the link for the history of this Oz story)

  5. Off-White & Little Blue Diving Helmet by March Laumer (non Oz)

  6. The Year of the Woozy by Seraphim J. Sigrist (original Oz tale)

  7. The Cowardly Lion Changes His Name by March Laumer (first appeared in Oziana 1971)

  8. The Magic Door to Oz by Paul S. Ritz and Johanna Buchner (original Oz tale)

  9. Mandy's Waiting by Frank Laumer (non Oz)

  10. The Woozy's Sticky End by March Laumer, Johanna Buchner and Paul S. Ritz (original Oz tale)

  11. November Third by Kenji Miyazawa (non Oz poem)



The Good Witch of Oz

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The Cloud King of Oz

Note: Above is the second edition.  Originally bound with Beenie in Oz.



Beenie in Oz


“Beenie,” Sabrina Laumer, was the real-life sister of Keith and March Laumer.  In this story eleven year old Beenie puts on a Scarecrow costume that contains the Scarecrows personality, meets a boy named Mose from “Oz” (actually he is from Australia and knows nothing about Baum’s Oz).  tells him the “Generic Story of Oz” in which Ozma always steps in to the end of the book to resolve the situation.  When they find themselves in an adventure and Ozma appears, Mose rudely tells her to “butt out!”  You will have to read the story to find out what happens.  Originally bound with The Cloud King of Oz. -- Notes by Stephen Teller




Ten Woodmen of Oz

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A Farewell to Oz


This book is a sequel to THE TEN WOODMEN OF OZ at the end of which Ozma, in an attempt to solve the overpopulation problem, shrunk every living, moving thing in Oz to 100th of its original size.   You would have to read this book to know why.  In FAREWELL TO OZ many of the chapters are narrated in the first person by March Laumer, whose brother Keith (a more successful writer than March) had just died.  For the 100th Anniversary of Dorothy’s first visit to Oz, many persons associated with Oz including  LFB, JRN, RPT and March Laumer, who serves as narrator for this book, (as well as a couple of bratty kids from Ohio) are brought to Oz for the celebration. The story also tells what happened to Mombi after The Lost King of Oz.

Typical of March's books this one is highly footnoted by references to Oz books, some of them part of the original series, others by March Laumer--some of which were never published, probably never written. -- Notes by Stephen Teller




The Talking City of Oz

Note: This cover is of the second printing.  The original printing was included in the same book as The Woozy in Oz.




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