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The Lost or Missing Books of Oz

The Royal Publisher of Oz needs YOUR help!

 The legacy of L. Frank Baum and the Oz series lies, in part, in the continuing stories that sprang out of the imaginations of other authors.  Sadly, many are likely lost to the mists of time.  Unless efforts are made to preserve and archive stories, the majority end up thrown out by careless relatives when the author passes. The Royal Publisher of Oz still holds out hope that some of these are available somewhere, and if so, would like to read them, and if the author or heirs are willing, make them available to the public where they can be enjoyed by Oz fans everywhere.  Any leads would be welcome (and yes photocopies are acceptable, with expenses paid by The Royal Publisher of Oz).  If you know of additional stories not on this list, let me know.  Contact me here or at the address listed below. 


  1. The Magic Belt of Oz - by Adrienne Martinez.

  2. Professor Wogglebug of Oz, Conquerors in Oz, The Grand Army of Oz - by Gary Ralph.

  3. The Time Machine of Oz - by James Scoggins.

  4. Sonny in Oz - by Philip Stone. There is a biography of the late Mr. Stone (who was a good friend of William Faulkner) which actually mentions this manuscript.

  5. His Highness, Prince Ozmus of Oz - by an unknown author named Dorothy who worked and lived in New York.  This was written around 1919 when L. Frank Baum died, and was sitting in the offices of Reilly & Lee decades later in 1959 when International Wizard of Oz Club president Fred Meyer, who read a handwritten note from Frank Reilly determining that it was a good story, but would have to wait, as they'd commissioned Ruth Plumly Thompson. The story dealt with Ozma's brother, Prince Ozmus and Dr. Nikidik. The author also planned a follow-up novel called The Man in the Moon in Oz, though it's unknown if this was ever written.

  6. The Orange Knight of Oz, The Adventures of a Mustard Jar, and Autocrats in Oz - by Jon Michael Suter. Privately published in 1976 and 1984 by Haskarell Book Bindery. Because he'd written them about neighbors/friends/relatives, he's reluctant to distribute these. If you're reading this Jon, I'm willing to edit them so that they're safe for publication. Contact me.

  7. Over the Rainbow to Oz - by Jack Snow.  The Holy Grail of lost Oz stories. Rumor has existed for years that Snow co-wrote a third Oz story with a woman named Virginia Glendening, although, as of yet, there is little evidence that it survives.  If anyone has any information as to the whereabouts of this manuscript or the individuals who may have it, please contact me. It would be good to bring this late author's final work to light!

  8. Christmas in Oz -- Mary Scott.  Not to be confused with Robin Hess' book of the same name.

  9. The Woozy of Oz -- Russell Henry.  Not to be confused with the March Laumer book of the same name.

  10. Peter Brown -- Henry Blossom.  Author of The Blue Emperor of Oz.  Story features the return of Peter to Oz, as well as Kadj the Conjurer and Cinderbutton the Witch (from Pirates in Oz), as well as Button-Bright and his Magic Umbrella.



  Have you written a story?  I would like to read it for possible publication online or in print, or just for fun. Contact me or head over to The Royal Publisher of Oz.


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